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wäte (verb, transitive)

pronunciation (IPA): wæ.ˈtɛ plumps/5304762d-a6ae-4c14-8fba-4b7709b78165.mp3
English: argue
source: Frommer (31.1. 2011)

affix examples

wät·am·e PST simple past
wät·ìm·e PST close past (just {verb}ed)
wät·ìy·e FUT close future (will {verb} soon)
wät·ay·e FUT future
wät·ol·e PFV perfective (finished)
wät·er·e IPFV imperfective (unfinished)
wät·iv·e SJV subjunctive (possibility mode)
wät·ei·e LAUD amelioration (favorable connotation)
wät·äng·e PEJ pejorative (negative connotation)

related words

säwäte point of contention
source of argument
thing disputed
lewäte disagreeable
argumentative (of an agent)
tìwäte dispute
nìwäte disagreeably