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tìwäte (substantive (noun))

pronunciation (IPA): tɪ.wæ.ˈtɛplumps/37b202f0-5589-495b-aa7b-84051139a526.mp3
English: dispute
source: (31 Jan 2011)

affix examples

me·sìwäte DU dual / dual numbers
pxe·sìwäte TRI trial / trial number
ay·sìwäte PL plural
fì·tìwäte DEM this {noun} (singular)
fay·sìwäte DEM PL these {noun plural}
tsa·tìwäte DEM that {noun} (singular)
tsay·sìwäte DEM PL those {noun] (plural)

related words

säwäte point of contention
source of argument
thing disputed
wäte argue
lewäte disagreeable
argumentative (of an agent)
nìwäte disagreeably