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rol (verb, intransitiv)

pronunciation (IPA): ɾol
English: sing
Topic groups: music / instruments
source: ASG (2009); (29 Dec 2021)

affix examples

r·am·ol PST simple past
r·ìm·ol PST close past (just {verb}ed)
r·ìy·ol FUT close future (will {verb} soon)
r·ay·ol FUT future
r·ol·ol PFV perfective (finished)
r·er·ol IPFV imperfective (unfinished)
r·iv·ol SJV subjunctive (possibility mode)
r·ei·ol LAUD amelioration (favorable connotation)
r·äng·ol PEJ pejorative (negative connotation)

example sentences & phrases

related words

way a plltxe spoken poem
melodic recital
way a rol sung poem
as a melodic recital
way si sing (of ancient, ceremonial song)
lawr melody
tìng lawr sing wordlessly
give out a tune or melody
tìrol song (vocal)
way (ancient, ceremonial) song
waytelem song cord
(mnemonic storytelling aids, strings of colored beads and bits of stone, bone and plant pieces)