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stawm (verb, transitive)

pronunciation (IPA): stawm
English: hear

affix examples

st·am·awm PST simple past
st·ìm·awm PST close past (just {verb}ed)
st·ìy·awm FUT close future (will {verb} soon)
st·ay·awm FUT future
st·ol·awm PFV perfective (finished)
st·er·awm IPFV imperfective (unfinished)
st·iv·awm SJV subjunctive (possibility mode)
st·ei·awm LAUD amelioration (favorable connotation)
st·äng·awm PEJ pejorative (negative connotation)

related words

pam sound
stawmtswo hearing
sense of hearing
tìng mikyun listen
yune listen to