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Na'vi (substantive (noun))

pronunciation (IPA): ˈNaʔ.vi plumps/e57d2d54-45a8-4963-b600-e21cdb6e49dc.mp3
English: (the) Na'vi
(the) People
indigenous Pandorian sentient race
source: Avatar Movie

affix examples

me·Na'vi DU dual / dual numbers
pxe·Na'vi TRI trial / trial number
ay·Na'vi PL plural
fì·Na'vi DEM this {noun} (singular)
fay·Na'vi DEM PL these {noun plural}
tsa·Na'vi DEM that {noun} (singular)
tsay·Na'vi DEM PL those {noun] (plural)

example sentences & phrases

related words

nìNa'vi like the Na'vi
leNa'vi having to do with the Na'vi
having to do with the People